Sunday, June 19, 2016

PENANG: Dato' Kramat Post Office

Photo of Dato' Kramat Post Office taken by me in 2017. It is located opposite Penang Stadium along Dato' Kramat Road, George Town.

FDC #1
I visited Dato' Kramat Post Office on February 10, 2017. February 9 was Thaipusam - a state holiday.

FDC #2
I created these FDC of KLIA2 airport of 4 values of 80 sen and 1 miniature sheet of RM5 at Dato' Kramat Post Office in Penang island, Malaysia. Enjoy viewing.

FDC #3

I bought and created these First Day Covers of these scout stamps at Dato' Kramat Post Office, Penang island for my collection. Not for swap. Enjoy viewing.

FDC #4

FDC #5

I created these FDC for my own collection. The miniature sheet was too large and so I glued on the far right side of it to the FDC envelope allowing it to flip up to reveal the full design of the left hand side of the FDC cover. I cancelled it at Penang Dato Kramat Post Office - my first time to do it at this post office.

FDC #6

FDC #7

FDC #8

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