Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Malaysia Stramp - Musical Instruments of Malaysia Series 2 - April 10, 2018 Issue

Visited nearby Gelugor Post Office, Penang island to buy stamps and covers and then went to Penang Main Post Office and Dato Keramat Post Office in Penang Island and Butterworth Post Office, Taman Chai Leng Post Office and Bukit Mertajam Post Office on Penang Mainland to get the First Day Cover cancellation. Having fun with different color cancellations, using stamp sheet margin for different designs as well as creating a combo hybrid cover using 2016 Traditional Dance stamps. Enjoy viewing.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Malaysia Stamp - Electric Train Service - March 20, 2018 Issue

As a regular train user, I visited the post offices of the train towns of Butteworth (Penang), Bukit Mertajam (Penang), Sungai Petani (Kedah) and Parit Buntar (Perak). More important, I bought ETS and Komuter train tickets issued also on March 20, 2018 to use as collage to create special first day covers for my own collection. In addition,  received a FDC mailed from Taiping. Enjoy viewing.

Malaysia Stamps - Year 2018 Stamp Schedule (Updated Mar 7, 2018)

Note: This is a tentative list that will regularly updated and subject to last minute change without notice by Pos Malaysia.

Jan 18  - Animal with Special Roles - Working Dogs (Year of Dog 2018)

Jan 30 - Ornamental Fishes

Feb 13 - State Definitive Series - Kelantan

Feb 27  - Rivers in Malaysia

Mar 3 - 100th Anniverary of Yu Hua High School

Mar 20 - Electric Train Service (ETS)

Apr 10 Tue - Musical Instruments of Malaysia - Series 2

Apr 24 Tue - Malaysian Citrus
May 8 Tue - Historic Museums in Malaysia
May 22 Tue - Nutrient Plants - Series 4
Jun 12 Tue - Tourist Destinations - Sabah
Jul 1 (Sale Jul 2 Mon) - Taiping Telegraph Museum
Jul 24 Tue - Unique Structures
Aug 14 Tue - Types of Blowpipe
Sep 4 Tue - National Day and Malaysia Day
Sep 14 Fri - 100th Anniversary of Chung Hwa School
Oct 1 Mon - World Cancer Congress Malaysia 2018
Oct 9 Tue - World Post Day
Oct 9 Tue - 100th Anniversary of Jit Sin High School
Oct 15 Mon - Installation of Sultan of Kedah
Nov 12 Mon - Malaysian Lifestyle - Series II (Stamp Week)

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Malaysia Stamp - 100th Anniversary of Yu Hua School, Kajang - March 3, 2018 Issue

Created this set of First Day Covers at Penang General Post Office. Also use stamps and covers of two other Penang schools, Penang Free School 200th Anniversary (2016) and Chung Ling High School 100th Anniversary (2017) for some hybrid covers for my collection.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Malaysia Stamps - Rivers in Malaysia - February 27, 2018 Issue

In Malay language, sungai is river. As I could not visit Sungai Pahang, Sungai Kinabatangan and Sungai Rajang, I visited instead Sungai Petani Post Office (Kedah)and Sungai Bakap Post Office, Sungai Dua Post Office and Sungai Puyu Mini Post Office (all in Penang) to get First Day Cover and post office cancellations.

I included Thailand longest stamp as comparison too.

Also collected from others First Day Cover cancellations from Kuantan General Post Office and Kuching General Post Office. Enjoy river viewing.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Malaysia Stamps - Garden Flowers State Definitive Series Kelantan - February 13, 2018

Created these First Day Covers including variants using previous stamps issue and older First Day Cover at Pulau Pinang General Post Office.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Malaysia Stamps - Ornamental Fish - January 30, 2018 Issue

Keeping fresh water aquarium fish had been a childhood hobby. The 4 fishes shown are Harlequin rasbora, Pearl gourami, Malaysian Mahseer or Kelah or Wangbuliao which is an expensive edible fish too, and Golden Arowana kept for good fortune by business community and homes.

I visited 4 post offices in 3 states. PULAU PINANG - George Town General Post Office in Penang Island; TAMAN CHAI LENG in Penang Mainland as "CHAI LENG" sounds like "kim leng" - the Chinese Hokkein pronounciation of golden arowana; SUNGAI PETANI in Kedah as "Sungai" is "River" in Malay; and PARIT BUNTAR in Perak as "Parit" is "Drain or Canal" in Malay. Freshwater fish lives in rivers and drains/canals.

I also included the previous 2016 stamp issue of Seven Wonders of Malaysia's Flora & Fauna of Malaysian Mahseer (Kelah )to create hybrid FDC. Enjoy viewing.