Sunday, June 12, 2016

PERAK: Taiping Post Office

I took this photo of Taiping Post Office in 2016.

FDC #1
Perak Museum in Taiping - I have visited the oldest museum in Perak since childhood. This was an opportunity not to be missed to get a First Day Cancellation at Taiping Post Office which is one of the oldest post office in Malaysia.

FDC #2 - Coronation of Sultan of Perak
Taiping was the first administrative capital of Perak under British rule. So I took the opportunity to visit Taiping Post Office as well as that of post offices of Kuala Kangsar which is the royal capital and Ipoh which is the current Perak State capital to get this First Day Cancellation on the same day - a long drive.

FDCs: Historical Museums of Malaysia 2018 First Day Covers

Telegraph Museum Taiping 2018 First Day Covers

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