Monday, October 5, 2009

Kingfisher Stamps (Updated Oct 25, 2009)

As a scout, I was in the Kingfisher Patrol and had often during camping seen this wonderful bird perching patiently on a branch then scooping down in a splash of colorful wings to catch little fish in the river. Hence I put together my kingfisher stamps here.

(Source: Wikipedia) "Kingfishers are a group of small to medium sized brightly coloured birds in the order Coraciiformes. They have a cosmopolitan distribution, with most species being found in the Old World and Australia. The group is treated either as a single family, Alcedinidae, or as a suborder Alcedines containing three families, Alcedinidae (river kingfishers), Halcyonidae (tree kingfishers), and Cerylidae (water kingfishers). There are roughly 90 species of kingfisher. All have large heads, long, sharp, pointed bills, short legs, and stubby tails. Most species have bright plumage with little differences between the sexes. Most species are tropical in distribution, and a slight majority are found only in forests. They consume a wide range of prey as well as fish, usually caught by swooping down from a perch. Like other members of their order they nest in cavities, usually tunnels dug into the natural or artificial banks in the ground."

JAPAN - Crested Kingfisher - Megaceryle lugubris

SURINAME - Pygmy kingfisher - Chloroceryle aenea

BRUNEI - Blue eared kingfisher - Alcedo meninting

SINGAPORE - Stork-billed kingfisher - Pelargopsis capensis

SINGAPORE - White throated kingfisher - Halcyon smyemensis

HONG KONG - Common kingfisher - Alcedo atthis

HONG KONG - White breasted kingfisher - White throated kingfisher - Halcyon smyrnensis

PHILIPPINES - Stork billed kingfisher - Pelargopsis capensis

ZIMBABWE - Giant Kingfisher - Megaceryle maxima

SOUTH AFRICA - Natal kingfisher - African pygmy kingfisher - Ispidina picta

NEW ZEALAND - Sacred kingfisher - Todiramphus sanctus

NEW ZEALAND - Kotare - Sacred kingfisher - Todiramphus sanctus

AUSTRALIA - Laughing Kookaburas - Dacelo novaeguineae
Remember the camping song, "Kookabura sits on the old gum tree, merry merry king of the bush is he, laugh kookabura laugh, kookabura, king of the old gum tree"

- Azure kingfisher - Alcedo azurea
- Forest kingfisher - Macleay's kingfisher - Blue kingfisher - Todiramphus macleayii
- White tailed kingfisher - Buff-breasted Paradise Kingfisher - Tanysiptera sylvia

AUSTRALIA - Sacred Kingfisher - Halcyon sancta

AUSTRALIA - Laughing Kookaburas - Dacelo novaeguineae

AUSTRALIA - Laughing Kookaburas - Dacelo novaeguineae

UNITED KINGDOM - Common kingfisher - Alcedo atthis

- Pekaka rimba besar - Rufous collared kingfisher Halcyon concreta
- Pekaka belukar - White throated kingfisher - Halcyon smymensis
- Pekaka bintik bintik - Blue eared kingfisher - Alcedo meninting
- Pekaka rimba - Oriental dwarf kingfisher - Ceyx enthacus


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